Before I die…

This video made me think about how I would finish the sentence: “Before I die…”


What do I want to do?  There are too many things…  I need to think about this more.

…After having thought about it, the question seems a bit off track for me.  Because all those things that come to mind are, in the end, inconsequential.  There are many countless things that I have not done and would love to get a chance to do.  But if I don’t get to do them, I’d just shrug my shoulders and say oh well.

Everything that I consider to be important (listed below), I’ve tried to practice every single day, albeit not perfectly:

  • Learn a little,
  • Think a little,
  • Dream a little,
  • Love a little,
  • Play a little, and
  • Laugh a lot.

I plan on continuing to do so as long as I am physically and mentally able. If I were to die today, I have no regrets.  Because I would have done my very best to live… according to my own heart and my own values and not someone else’s.