Fitness at 50


I’ve kept up with my workouts for nearly 18 months now.  Wow!  I impress myself!  haha.  I first started with the Insanity Workout (during which I seriously abused my middle-aged body), which was a huge challenge for me.  Given my personality type, the challenge kept me going.  I wanted to prove to myself and to the doubters that I could do it.  I then continued with CharLEAN Extreme, a program by the same company, and Charlene’s encouraging pep talk during each of her workout routine drilled into me that I have to make my health and fitness a priority.  

You are an athlete now.  It is your job!!

Somehow, her words stuck with me.  After I did her program for about 5 months, I started with Zuzka Light.  Right around that time, she started her own website and offered free workout video sessions on her YouTube channel.  Eventually, I signed up for her ZGym membership and have been doing her short, high-intensity workouts ever since.  To be honest, I think doing something different and changing up my workouts constantly is the perfect thing for me.

My workouts, along with a drastic change in my eating habits, has made me a much happier person.  So far, I’ve lost 16 pounds of weight and 10% body fat.  I’ve also gained noticeable muscle tone.  I have more energy, feel stronger, and dare I say… feel younger!?!  Yes, I do!  I now walk with more confidence.

I hope I can continue to keep up with this health and fitness routine for many years to come!

Yay! 🙂