My First Webpage from Scratch

I did it!!!!!   I created my very first webpage from scratch!!!!!  My own photos and my own design with my own words using my own codes on my own domain — mine mine mine!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been learning HTML and CSS on and wanted to try out the skills I’ve learned.

I started with this design I created on Photoshop:


And by the time I finished the HTML and CSS pages, I ended up with this:

You can scroll down the page to here:
and to here:

There are also highlights and drop shadows, etc.  and I’m still making lots of changes.

With my very basic and limited knowledge, I ran into so many problems that I had to constantly search for online help from, as well as occasionally consulting my resident computer scientist (my daughter), but I finally got it done!!!  I am VERY excited and proud of myself!!!!!!!!! (as you can probably tell by the number of exclamation points in this post.  haha.)

It’s just my homepage so far, and it’s just a start, but I hope I can make my site complete in the very near future and share the whole thing with all of youuuus!!!!!!!

The only thing that continues to frustrate me is when I try to view it on my iPad.  Making a page responsive to different screens is still way above my head, but I’ll worry about that later…

Check it out here.


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