Back to School


My son is going back to college today after his summer break.  It will be the last time for him.  Next year, he will be graduating and leaving for good.  I’ve been trying my best to make the most of my time with him, because I know too well that we can never get back the missed opportunities for quality time.  Because everything changes. IMG_0864

After everything is said and done, the most important thing to me seems to be the laughter I’ve shared with the ones I love.

Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to make my life more rewarding and fulfilling.  While continuing to do that, I have to remember that the most rewarding feeling does not come from WHAT I have done but WITH WHOM I have made memories.

(I know… the images I used for this post make us seem like we’re always drinking. haha.  Not necessarily.  Top photo was during our visit to a brewery and the bottom is our end-of-summer celebration dinner.)  😉