Wildflowers are my favorite kind of flowers. They are unassuming, unapologetic, and unplanned. They do not care about boundaries or man-made rules. They seem to simply pop into view and bloom to their hearts’ content until they are finished making their corner of the world a little bit more colorful. A few days ago, a … [Read more…]

나의 가치

다음달에 친구가 내 옆으로 이사를 온다. 옆집을 market에 내놓은다고 들었을때 나는 그에게 바로 연락을 했다. 이사 올 가능성이 있다는것은 알고 있었지만 이렇게 갑자기 사실이 됄지는 기대도 안하고 있었는데… 망서림도 없이 바로 사겠다고 나서는 친구의 결정에 머리가 멍 해졌다.  정말? 당장? 지금? 그 다음날 아침에 일어나서도 실감이 안 나는 일이었다.  그 결정의 큰 이유 한가지가 나라는 … [Read more…]

Imposter Syndrome 2.0

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before more than once.  Every once in a while, I get hit with a new wave of the imposter syndrome.  You know… the feeling that I’m not quite meeting the expectations and having that lingering fear of being found out as a fraud. Ever since retiring(?) along with … [Read more…]

My bulletproof coffee journal

So… What exactly is bulletproof coffee? Here’s an article that gives you some idea. I heard about it on Zuzkalight.com (my go-to workout site) a while ago and have wanted to try it, but have not gotten around to it until now.    hmmmm….  One of the main criticisms about the bulletproof coffee is that … [Read more…]

Checking In

Wow.  Lots have happened since the last post.  I DID teach the Korean language class, and not having much experience with 7-8 year-olds other than my own kids long ago, I struggled.  But it ended up being fun and rewarding overall, and in my moment of weakness, I signed up for another year!  Yikes! Here’s … [Read more…]

Back to School

My son is going back to college today after his summer break.  It will be the last time for him.  Next year, he will be graduating and leaving for good.  I’ve been trying my best to make the most of my time with him, because I know too well that we can never get back … [Read more…]


I am in a lull. This is a place where I come and try to find my voice.  There have been other places in the past.  One of which was at Blogspot, which I still revisit from time to time.  The others have been lost in the neverland of www. I no longer feel the … [Read more…]

Fitness at 50

I’ve kept up with my workouts for nearly 18 months now.  Wow!  I impress myself!  haha.  I first started with the Insanity Workout (during which I seriously abused my middle-aged body), which was a huge challenge for me.  Given my personality type, the challenge kept me going.  I wanted to prove to myself and to … [Read more…]


I swing between procrastination and being really thorough, so either way things aren’t getting done quickly. – Freema Agyeman Good things take time, you know.  😉  Today, I started learning how to organize my photos in Adobe LightRoom 4, and I will start organizing soon. This reminds me of a very funny and insightful essay about … [Read more…]