Meals in boxes ready to cook!

You know those annoying marketing posts that appear on your Facebook wall uninvited?  I have to say… they must be pretty effective, because one of those ads caught my eye one day.

It was a food delivery service.  Yes, it’s always the food that gets me. haha.  They ship weekly boxes of fresh ingredients complete and pre-measured for you to cook each meal!  Interesting, eh?  No shopping for ingredients and no waste.  (However, there is quite a bit of packing materials to get rid of in each shipment, which is one concern.)

Screenshot 2015-09-06 09.35.36

Screenshot 2015-09-06 09.37.16

I had to try it.

So… a week later, the UPS man delivered the first box to me.  In his words:

“I gotta tell ya, this stuff must be really catching on! I’m delivering so many of these boxes!”  

Hmmm… go figure!

I looked inside the boxes and became somewhat skeptical of the freshness of the produce, but I gave it a go.  Here are the two meals I made… and they actually were easy and fun to make:

IMG_0984       IMG_0986

The meals were healthy, had good-sized portions, and very tasty!!

After some research, I find that Hello Fresh is not the only company to offer this service.  And since I always like to keep my options open, I am trying a second company named Blue Apron.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 09.50.40

I will let you know which I like better!  🙂


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