Starting an art and design club

I met with Julie on Thursday, February 27, 2014, for lunch.  Julie had invited another friend, Youngmi, to have lunch with us.  Julie and I had been meeting about once a month to learn photography together.  During our conversation, I casually mentioned my hope of someday starting a small group, in which like-minded women who are interested in art and design get together on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis for:

  • Learning Adobe design software to create images, brochures, and websites
  • Watching documentaries about current artists and having a discussion.
  • Exploring other online tools and applications that will help our creativity (such as Prezi).

I was very pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic “YES, LET’S DO IT” response I got from the two women in front of me.   🙂

I am an explorer by nature and I love to learn new things.  When I learn something new, I am dying to teach it to others so they can share in my excitement.  I think I love teaching just as much as learning.

I hope this works out.

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