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I am in a lull.

This is a place where I come and try to find my voice.  There have been other places in the past.  One of which was at Blogspot, which I still revisit from time to time.  The others have been lost in the neverland of www.

I no longer feel the need to write as often as I once had.  Sometimes, weeks (or even months) go by without the urge.  What is it?

Does it mean that I am content with my life?  — That would not be so bad.

Or have I lost my desire to be creative?  — That…would be bad.

Have I become a watcher instead of a doer?  Have I become…. the dreaded word… b..b..b… boring?????  — Now, that would be tragic.  Unbearably tragic.  Ugh.

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