Enhancing Old Photos

This past winter, a good friend recently lost her husband suddenly, and while I was at her house to offer support, she showed me a picture of the two of them that she said was his favorite.  It was an old 3 x 5 snapshot not in the greatest of shape.  There was backlighting, making … [Read more…]

How to Take Better Photos?

I came upon this article that explains common photographic mistakes.  I’ll have to keep these in mind.  When will my photos start looking professional?  It’s an ongoing and frustrating endeavor for me.  Sigh…

RAW Images and Lightroom 4

I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Lightroom 4 to organize and edit my photos.  At the same time, I’m learning more about my Nikon D600 and digital photography in general.  It’s amazing how much I still don’t know about photography after having gone through 3 DSLRs already.  I kept upgrading my camera without knowing … [Read more…]